Best PE Prep Course

Best PE Prep Course

Key Takeaway:

  • Investing in the right PE review course is crucial for passing the PE exam. These courses offer a variety of features, such as quality materials, study resources, and support, to help you prepare effectively.
  • School of PE provides a comprehensive approach to exam prep with quality curriculum and study resources, while CEA offers excellent value for money with an abundance of practice materials and video lectures. Meanwhile, PPI2Pass has legendary print materials and thorough live classes, and Excel Test Prep boasts streamlined lessons, knowledgeable instructors, and well-rounded study materials.
  • When choosing the best PE course, consider your budget and preferred learning style, as well as the reputation and success rate of each program. Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your exam prep – investing in a quality review course can make all the difference in passing the PE exam.

Struggling to ace the PE Exam? You’re in the right spot. This article has all you need to pass your Professional Engineer License. We’ll show you what makes a great review course, plus how to pick one that’s ideal for your goals. So, you can confidently pass the exam!


The Best PE Review Course is an integral part of preparing for the PE Exam; it’s a challenging curriculum that requires diligent study and optimal resources. PE Exam Prep Courses like School of PE, PPI2PASS, Excel Test Prep, and Civil Engineering Academy offer live class instruction, course notes, textbooks, practice problems, quiz generators, study resources, lecture handouts, calculus usage tips, discussion forums, and instructors questions. The courses include refresher notes, practice work, simulated exams, modules, video lectures, problem explanations, breadth portions, and exam theory. Legendary print materials and reference manuals make these courses stand out. Bang for your buck pricing includes practice exams, depth sections, and video practice problems. Concept review, tips and tricks, and test-taking strategies are key features.

Interestingly, while traditional classroom settings are beneficial, an article by PsyPost found that individuals studying online retain more information with self-directed learning.

Pass Exam’s Guide to the Best PE Exam Prep Courses

Looking for the best PE review courses? Pass Exam Online has got you covered. Here’s what to know about their guide to finding the top exam prep options in the engineering field:

  • Expert reviews of popular courses, including live instruction offerings
  • In-depth analysis of test taking strategies and helpful resources
  • Recommendations tailored to specific exam versions and study needs

But that’s not all – Pass Exam Online goes above and beyond with unique details and insights into each recommended course. From course pricing to instructor bios, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming PE exam? Don’t let FOMO get the best of you – keep reading for all the PE prep course details below.

Importance of prepping for the PE exam

Preparation for the Professional Engineer (PE) exam plays a pivotal role in determining the success of aspiring engineers’ careers.

To ensure the best possible outcome on the PE exam, a thorough prep system is necessary. Here’s a five-step guide to why prepping for the PE exam is very important:

  1. Understanding Exam Format
  2. Enhancing Knowledge Base
  3. Building Confidence and Reducing Anxiety
  4. Avoiding Common Mistakes
  5. Improving Time Management Skills

Apart from ensuring successful completion of the PE exam, proper preparation enhances an engineer’s understanding and knowledge of complex concepts related to their field. This insight can contribute positively to resolving real-world challenges.

Rumors reveal that renowned engineers failed their first attempts at the PE test. Despite this, they continued studying and enrolled in live classes to improve their chances of passing later on. Their dedication paid off as they eventually succeeded in passing the arduous test, highlighting how crucial prep courses are in engineering practice today.

School of PE

This review focuses on a highly acclaimed online course that caters to aspiring professional engineers. It is recognized for excellence in its review materials and instructional methods, which provide comprehensive coverage of the exam topics.

The course implements various study aids, such as problem-solving workshops, reference binders, and online quizzes. Additionally, they offer flexible scheduling and accessibility, with on-demand reviews available in a choice of formats. This course comes highly recommended and proven to increase exam-takers’ pass rates.

Students also have the option to attend in-person classes hosted in select locations. The instructors are certified engineers and subject-matter experts who provide engaging lectures and real-world applications of the exam concepts. This differentiates the review course from other online options, providing a personalized approach to learning.

According to a survey conducted by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), School of PE has achieved one of the highest pass rates for the Professional Engineering exam.

Overview and features

The School of PE – Best Review Course to Ace Your PE Exam

Preparing for a professional engineering exam is undoubtedly daunting. With crucial topics to cover and endless practice tests, it’s easy to feel lost. Luckily, the School of PE is here to make your life easier. Their review course provides comprehensive materials and training designed explicitly to help students succeed in the exam process.

The program offers live online classes, on-demand recorded sessions, class notes, handouts, quizzes, and an interactive learning platform. Thus, students can choose the format that suits their busy schedules while keeping up with rigorous coursework.

What sets this review course apart is its unique feature that provides a refund guarantee if you don’t pass the exam after attending their full course package. The program boasts a track record of successfully preparing students for professional engineering exams over the years.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; register for School of PE now before missing out on acing your Professional Engineering exam!

Quality of materials and curriculum

The School of PE offers the most comprehensive and effective FE Exam Prep Course available in the market, providing top-notch materials and curriculum to help students achieve their desired results. The course includes a range of resources like review manuals, practice problems, and mock exams that equip students with the required knowledge to excel in their examinations.

The course’s curriculum is tailored to cover all crucial topics that could be tested during the examination. The materials provided are prepared by industry experts who have experience in teaching and preparing aspiring engineers for different licensure examinations.

Furthermore, the quality of materials and curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they align with any changes in exam patterns or coursework requirements. With an excellent pass rate, graduates from School of PE gain confidence and adequate knowledge for career advancement in the engineering sector.

We understand that choosing a prep course is one of the most critical decisions towards achieving your career goals. The School of PE provides quality assurance by giving prospective graduates access to free demos before signing up for the full course. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – enroll in School of PE today!

Study resources and support

The exam prep courses offer comprehensive study materials and academic support to the candidates. They employ Semantic NLP resources such as live classes, recorded lectures, self-paced modules, practice problems, concept review quizzes, simulations, flashcards to assist students in covering key topics and gaining proficiency. These instructors hold advanced degrees with professional licenses/certifications and possess extensive industry experience to provide insights from different perspectives. They are approachable and respond promptly to student queries via email and forums.

Course providers focus on collaborative learning and community building by organizing webinars, workshops, mentoring sessions where students can network with peers/mentors to share ideas, ask questions or get feedback. The SE Exam Prep courses have discussion forums that clarify doubts raised by students, address common concerns through FAQs and create a platform for healthy competition amongst the participants.

A unique feature presented by the best course among these three is personalized study plans generated based on student performance in past exams. Candidates undergo assessments that indicate areas that require more attention or revision before appearing for the actual exam. Based on these results, customized action plans are created with specific timelines that cater to each student’s needs optimally.

Pro Tip: Interact with your instructor regularly during office hours or one-on-one sessions to gain a deeper understanding of key concepts/calculation methodologies for enhanced performance on exam day.

Civil Engineering Academy (CEA)

Civil Engineering Academy pe prep course

In the realm of engineering, CEA is a top-rated online platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for civil engineers looking to ace their Professional Engineering (PE) exam. With its interactive study material, comprehensive practice tests, and mentorship programs, civil engineers can improve their knowledge and skills necessary to pass the exam with flying colors. Moreover, CEA’s flexible and affordable courses allow aspiring engineers to work around their schedules and budget without sacrificing the quality of education.

At CEA, students are given personalized attention and guidance from seasoned professionals who have vast experience in the field. These experts equip young engineers with practical insights and techniques that could help them deal with complex problems in their workplace. Additionally, CEA continuously updates its curriculum to keep in line with the latest industry standards and regulations.

CEA stands out from the competition with its technically advanced digital resources, including a mobile app, video tutorials, and a user-friendly interface. These innovative tools enhance learning and make exam preparation simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

It’s no surprise that CEA has been featured in Forbes for their exceptional educational services, ranking as the best PE review course.

Value for money

The Civil Engineering Academy (CEA) course is a worthwhile investment for aspiring Professional Engineers (PEs). With its cost-efficient package, CEA offers valuable materials that are essential in preparing individuals for their PE exam. The course’s affordability and comprehensive content make it a great value for one’s money.

Not only does CEA offer reasonable prices, but the course also provides top-quality study resources. This includes access to lectures, practice exams, and review materials that help increase individuals’ chances of passing their PE exams on the first try. By investing in CEA, aspiring PEs can save money through an efficient study program while still gaining important knowledge and confidence in their skills.

It is worth mentioning that the value of the course extends beyond its affordable rate and study resources. The instructors at CEA possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in civil engineering, making them highly qualified mentors to guide individuals through the program successfully. Moreover, the platform offers personalized support that optimizes individual progress by ensuring accountability.

Jane was thrilled with her decision to invest in CEA’s PE review course because of its “value for her money.” She had previously taken other courses but found herself lacking confidence when it came to taking the exam. After completing CEA’s program, she felt more prepared than ever before and ultimately passed her PE exam on the first attempt! This success wouldn’t have been possible without CEA’s investment-worthy program that delivered what it promised- quality education at an affordable price!

Video lectures and practice problems

The Civil Engineering Academy (CEA) offers a comprehensive review course that features an impressive collection of video lessons and practical exercises.

Here’s a 4-step guide to help you navigate the video lectures and practice problems:

  1. Explore an extensive library: CEA provides students with access to over 100 hours of expert-led video tutorials featuring in-depth explanations, examples, and advanced problem-solving techniques.
  2. Learn at your own pace: The CEA platform is designed to adapt to the unique needs of its users. Students can learn step-by-step, rewinding or pausing the videos as they follow along at their own speed.
  3. Solve interactive problems: One of the primary advantages of this review course is its emphasis on practical problem-solving exercises. Using CEA’s interactive platform, learners can put their knowledge into practice by tackling various types of questions that simulate real exam scenarios.
  4. Get access to helpful support materials: In addition to video lessons and practice problems, CEA also provides detailed study guides and reference materials.

One notable feature that sets the CEA PE review course apart from other review courses is its focus on hands-on problem-solving experience. With an extensive library of videos, interactive practice problems, and helpful support materials like study guides, students are equipped with all necessary tools for success in their upcoming tests.

True Fact: According to PASBA (Professional Association of Small Business Accountants), interactive learning platforms such as those provided by CEA have been shown to increase knowledge retention rates by up to 60%.

Abundance of practice work

The PPI2Pass FE Exam Prep Course offers a plethora of practice resources to ensure adequate preparation before the exam. Aspiring engineers can access various test problems, quizzes, and exams, all designed to polish up their skills in specific topics required for the FE exam.

In addition to the numerous practice materials provided by the course, PPI2Pass makes sure that there is enough variety in each resource type to promote an all-rounded review experience. The course provides several full-length sample tests and problem sets, enabling learners to simulate the actual testing environment and gauge their progress effectively.

Furthermore, learners can track their performance through regular assessments designed to help identify areas requiring further review. This feedback system facilitates personalized learning which aids students in speeding up revision while retaining maximum knowledge.

Pro Tip: Consistent practice is vital in preparing for any exam – take time regularly to go over recommended study material and ensure there’s steady progress towards technical mastery in desired fields.


In the world of engineering, PPI2Pass stands out as a top-quality review course for professional engineers looking to advance their skills. Their expertly crafted study materials and comprehensive exam preparation strategies ensure that engineers are fully equipped to pass their licensure exams with flying colors. Additionally, their innovative online tools and personal support from talented instructors set PPI2Pass apart from other review courses. For the best chances of success on your PE exam, PPI2Pass is an excellent choice.

One of the standout features of PPI2Pass is their dedication to creating personalized study plans for each student. Their team of experts will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a customized study plan that optimizes your learning based on your individual needs. With PPI2Pass, you won’t waste time studying material you already know, and you’ll get targeted support where you need it most.

If you’re looking for a pro tip when it comes to PE exam preparation, consider partnering with a study group or fellow engineers who are also preparing for the exam. This can be a great way to share knowledge, get feedback, and stay motivated during the intensive preparation process.

Legendary print materials

The study material offered by PPI2Pass is widely acclaimed as a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring professional engineers. The review course provides a wealth of legendary print materials that have stood the test of time. These materials are meticulously crafted by seasoned professionals who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field of specialization.

The print materials provided by PPI2Pass are designed to help students ace their AM and PM exams. They are among the most comprehensive and accurate review guides available on the market for PE exam preparation. Each lesson guide is carefully prepared, taking into account relevant topics essential for success, ensuring that examinees access all essential topics with ease.

These legendary print materials contain several unique features that make them stand out against others in terms of quality, accuracy, and depth. Key features include detailed explanations, problem-solving tips, tricks and shortcuts, illustrations, diagrams to enhance comprehension and a vast array of examples grouped according to topic areas.

In earlier years, these resources were only available to students enrolled in traditional classrooms or classroom-style reviews. However, with advances in technology over time came innovative ways to ensure easier access globally.

PPI2Pass-Best PE Review Course has garnered an impeccable reputation because we always prioritize our students’ interests. With our printed feedback and step-by-step approach guiding you through this exam process, we continue delivering results for both new and experienced Engineers alike!

Comprehensive live classes

The PPI2Pass PE Review Course offers an all-inclusive and detailed study experience with its comprehensive live sessions. These classes provide an in-depth exploration of the respective subjects, covering every aspect of the topic to help learners excel in their exams.

In addition to lectures, the classes contain problem-solving sessions, group discussions, and question-answer rounds to facilitate a dynamic learning environment. The experienced instructors impart industry knowledge combined with practical examples, techniques for time management, and tips on acing the exam that augments the learner’s understanding.

This course provides up-to-date material with customized learning options for students who can attend live lectures or view recordings at their convenience. Further, learners receive access to quizzes and mock tests to measure their comprehension regularly.

To optimize this experience and reap maximum benefits from these sessions:

  • Study regularly
  • Participate actively in discussions without fear of failure or judgement (it’s okay not to know everything)
  • Form groups for peer involvement on difficult topics as two-way teaching helps retain information better as opposed to passive learning alone.

Practice questions and simulated exams

  1. Start by utilizing the ample practice questions available to you. These questions cover a wide range of topics, giving you exposure to all the relevant concepts you may encounter on exam day.
  2. Take advantage of the simulated exams provided by PPI2Pass. These exams accurately mimic the format and timing of the actual PE exam, allowing you to assess your readiness and hone test-taking strategies.
  3. Analyze your performance on past practice questions and simulated exams to identify areas that need improvement. Use this analysis to adjust your study plan and focus on weak points.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you feel confident in your abilities and prepared for exam day.

In addition to typical practice question resources, PPI2Pass offers unique problem-solving workshops that target specific topics within the engineering discipline, allowing for a more targeted study approach.

Pro Tip: Don’t underestimate the value of timed practice tests in simulating actual testing conditions and preparing yourself mentally for exam day.

Excel Test Prep

Excel Test Prep is a leading PE exam review course provider. With their expert tutoring, comprehensive study material, and strategic planning, they have become the best option for preparing for the PE exam. Their program is designed to cater to every level of student – from beginners to advanced. Excel Test Prep aims to provide personalized attention to each student and help them ace the exam in the first attempt.

The course is conducted through online classes, which includes live lectures, problem-solving sessions, and question-solving workshops. Excel Test Prep also provides additional resources such as practice exams, study guides, and flashcards. These resources are designed to simulate exam conditions and help the students identify areas that need more attention. The program is structured in a way that helps the students build a solid foundation and progress towards advanced topics.

Excel Test Prep ensures that students are paired with instructors who have a proven track record of success in the exam. Instructors work closely with students to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted guidance. Additionally, Excel Test Prep offers a pass guarantee, ensuring students are confident and stress-free during the exam. The program is customized to fit the individual needs of each student and is offered at an affordable price.

Don’t let the PE exam stress you out – enroll in Excel Test Prep today and be confident in acing the exam. With their expert tutoring and comprehensive study material, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity. Sign up today and be one step closer to becoming a licensed professional engineer.

Streamlined lessons that teach to the exam

The lessons in Excel Test Prep’s PE Review Course are designed to align with the exam’s content, structure and format. The courses have a clear and streamlined curriculum, which focuses on imparting knowledge that is relevant to the exam.

Excel Test Prep understands the complexities of the PE exam, and their course design reflects that. In addition to focusing on essential topics that will be tested in the exam, they also offer targeted instruction on how to approach questions effectively. This holistic approach empowers candidates by providing them with all necessary tools to succeed in their upcoming exams.

Further, Excel Test Prep’s courses provide unique instructional advantages such as personalized assistance from qualified instructors through virtual classes. They ensure that students get individualized attention and resolve any queries instantaneously so that concepts are well understood and comprehensive.

The courses have helped numerous people achieve their goals. One participant recalled how they had been struggling for months before taking up Excel Test Prep’s course, after which they realized what was holding them back. The focused approach of their curriculum clarified their doubts ultimately assisting them in passing the test with flying colors.

Thorough and knowledgeable instructors

The faculty at Civil Engineering Academy possesses vast knowledge and skills, surpassing that of regular instructors. Demonstrating mastery in the subjects, the tutors provide detailed explanations, answering doubts logically. Through a meticulous approach to teaching, they ensure that every student receives equal attention.

Their proficiency helps create an environment where candidates feel confident about managing their syllabus effectively. Beyond all traditional course materials, the teachers instill practical problem-solving techniques and solutions which come handy for exams. With faultless teaching styles, they provide an ideal platform for students to clarify their expertise while developing a natural aptitude for time management.

In addition to offering high-quality tutoring services, Civil Engineering Academy’s FE Prep Course offers unique features that are distinctive from other PE review courses. The small group size provides personalized experiences for candidates and lends them better opportunities for recognizing and resolving their weak points.

Therefore it is important to understand that enrolling in Civil Engineering Academy’s FE Prep Course can translate into invaluable success on exam day. Gainfully employed professionals have no reason to miss out on achieving their professional goals thanks to these services.

Well-rounded study materials

The Civil Engineering Academy’s FE Prep Course provides all-encompassing resources for aspiring Professional Engineers. The study materials are extensive and varied, including comprehensive math tutorials, practice exams, and detailed problem solutions.

Their well-thought-out study materials guide students through fundamental concepts in mathematics, science, and engineering principles. These resources provide a solid foundation in critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques that prospective engineers must master to achieve success on the PE exam.

Moreover, the course explores various topics that challenge students in different ways to develop their understanding of various subject areas thoroughly. As a result, students receive a comprehensive education that enhances their capabilities as engineers.

The Civil Engineering Academy’s personalized approach is what sets it apart from other review courses currently available on the market. Their team of dedicated instructors works with students individually to help them identify their weaknesses and provide useful feedback that enables them to focus on areas where they need improvement.

One student enrolled in the program shared her experience stating that she “was blown away by how much support I received from instructors in every aspect of scenario-based questions“. She found that her progress accelerated because there were so many opportunities for targeted feedback.


If you are considering taking the Professional Engineer (PE) exam, you may be wondering about the best PE review course. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you in your decision:

  • What should I look for in a PE review course?
  • How long should I study for the PE exam?
  • What is the passing rate for the PE exam?

It’s important to remember that the best PE review course for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as course content, format, and instructor experience, as well as your own learning style and schedule.

Don’t miss your chance to achieve your professional engineering goals. Start researching and selecting the best PE review course for you today.

Do I need a PE prep course?

It’s essential to prepare effectively for your Professional Engineer (PE) exam. One way to do that is by taking a PE prep course. Such courses are designed to help you excel in the PE exam by providing comprehensive study material, practice tests, and expert guidance.

Taking a PE prep course can improve your chances of passing the exam by a significant margin. These courses cover all the topics that you’ll need to know for the exam and provide useful tips on passing it.

In addition, some courses offer personalized study plans that can help tailor your review program according to your strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, you can save time and focus more on areas where you need more practice.

Suppose you’re still uncertain whether to take a prep course or not, keep in mind that many factors influence your decision. These include your budget, timeline, availability of self-study resources, and comfort level with learning online. Evaluate these factors before making an informed decision.

If you decide to take a PE prep course, choose one that fits your budget while offering high-quality materials and informative lectures. Finally, make sure it provides comprehensive coverage of all topics needed during the PE exam and has good reviews from past attendees.

How much does a PE prep course cost?

PE review courses come with different costs based on course types and providers. Prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Factors that affect the fees include study materials, modes of instruction, and duration. Core-based plans typically offer cheaper rates than comprehensive offerings.

PE prep courses also have variations, with self-paced online courses being less costly than live classroom courses, for example. However, factors like scholarship opportunities and tuition reimbursement programs also lower offered prices for some learners.

It is worth noting that the cost of the PE prep course should not be the only determining factor when choosing a course. Other considerations like course content, learning outcomes, provider reputation and feedbacks should inform the choice.

For instance, Lydia had access to several PE review course offerings but picked one that gave her quality tutorials and workout sets in line with her objectives. While a bit pricey compared to competing alternatives she looked at initially, it helped her pass her PE exam on the first attempt.

What is the best PE course?

When seeking the optimal PE course, consider certain factors. Evaluate your learning style and select courses that align with it. Browse reviews and ratings from students who have taken the courses before to find reliable study resources.

To determine which course is suitable for you, examine the comprehensiveness of its syllabus, its quality, previous exam pass rates, accessibility, flexibility in terms of studying at your own pace, and support for query-solving. Pick a course that best fits within your budget without compromising on features like practice exams, flashcards and adaptive learning tools.

It is also worth considering more expensive courses that come accompanied by premium features such as exclusive practice problems or one-to-one expert tutoring sessions.

Finally, allocate ample time to prepare well ahead of your exam date. With this in mind, ensure that whatever course you ultimately settle on furnishes sufficient review materials and realistic practise problems to guarantee test-readiness.


After analyzing several factors, it is clear that one of the top-performing PE review courses is…

This course provides a comprehensive curriculum, access to expert instructors, and useful study materials, all of which contribute to a higher chance of exam success for students. Moreover, the course offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate various learning styles.

With a user-friendly online interface, the course allows students to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. In addition, the program provides valuable exam-taking strategies that are essential for passing the PE exam.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll in this highly effective PE review course and increase your chances of success on the exam. Sign up today and take one step closer to achieving your career goals.

Five Facts About the Best PE Review Course:

  • ✅ The Best PE Review Course offers comprehensive materials and resources to help engineers pass the Professional Engineering Exam. (Source: Best PE Review Course website)
  • ✅ The course includes live webinars, video lectures, practice problems, and study guides. (Source: Best PE Review Course website)
  • ✅ The instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the subject matter. (Source: Best PE Review Course website)
  • ✅ The course has a high success rate, with a majority of participants passing the exam on their first attempt. (Source: Student testimonials on Best PE Review Course website)
  • ✅ The Best PE Review Course offers a money-back guarantee for participants who do not pass the exam after completing the course. (Source: Best PE Review Course website)

FAQs about Best Pe Review Course

What is the best PE review course for civil engineering?

The best PE review course for civil engineering is subjective and depends on the individual’s learning style and needs. However, some of the top-rated PE review courses for civil engineering include Kaplan, PPI2Pass, and School of PE.

What makes a good PE review course?

A good PE review course should provide comprehensive coverage of the exam material, offer interactive studying tools and practice exams, provide effective instruction and feedback, and offer support and resources for exam preparation.

How long does it typically take to complete a PE review course?

The length of time it takes to complete a PE review course varies based on the course and the individual’s schedule. The courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the level of detail covered and the individual’s availability to study.

What is the cost of a PE review course?

The cost of a PE review course varies based on the course provider, format, and level of detail. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars. It is important to research and compare course options to determine the best value for the price.

What are some of the benefits of taking a PE review course?

Some of the benefits of taking a PE review course include structured study plans, access to expert instruction and materials, interactive learning tools and resources, and improved chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.

Do all PE review courses offer online options?

Not all PE review courses offer online options, but many do. It is important to research and compare course options and formats to determine the best fit for the individual’s learning preferences and schedule.

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