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The Master’s Programme in Building Technology offers students comprehensive academic and professional knowledge of the different disciplines within civil and structural engineering.Civil engineering plays a key role in creating safe and healthy built environments, which are essential elements of everyday life and well-being. Combining the global needs for energy efficiency and sustainability with the characteristics of a good living environment requires theoretical understanding, professional skills, and a broad-minded attitude.The programme deals with the design, construction, use, and maintenance of civil engineering structures, such as buildings and bridges. With its four main topics – structural engineering, building performance, construction management, and mineral-based materials – the programme provides students with knowledge and skills essential to the future careers in industry, research, education or authority. Based on the individual selections, the student can specialize in topics like building energy use, building services technology, repair and maintenance, indoor air quality and fire safety engineering.The programme strives for the development of working life skills like analytical and critical thinking, multidisciplinary teamwork and collaboration, and communication for scientific and technical professionals. The aspects of professional ethics and social and environmental responsibility are integrated into the studies.

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