Get The Inside Scoop On Blueprint MCAT Prep – Read Our Detailed Review

Get The Inside Scoop On Blueprint MCAT Prep – Read Our Detailed Review

If you’re planning to attend medical school, the first step to success is passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). 

This 230-question standardized exam tests your understanding of the content you’ll work on during medical school, including

  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  • Biological and Biochemical Foundation of Living Systems
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

So, what’s the best way to prepare for this intimidating assessment? We’re big fans of the Blueprint MCAT Prep program.

Let’s dive into our Blueprint MCAT review.

Our Detailed Analysis of the Blueprint MCAT Prep Course

If you’re looking for flexibility, personalization, and an impressive resource library that caters to different learning styles, Blueprint Prep is the best MCAT course on the market.

From the moment you sign up, Blueprint Prep starts you on the right track to success. They’ve invested heavily in building an impressive analytics dashboard that keeps your progress top-of-mind every time you log in. 

For example, you’ll start with a diagnostic exam establishing your baseline for content and question types you focus on most.

You’ll then have the opportunity to build a personalized study plan by plugging in the date you plan to test, how long your daily study sessions will be, and the days of the week you plan to skip MCAT preparation.

Depending on the Blueprint MCAT course you signed up for, the program loads the study schedule’s drag-and-drop interface with modules to work through each study day. It even marks them off of your to-do list when you complete them!

However, as you’ll see during this Blueprint MCAT review, the benefits don’t stop there.


Blueprint offers a bevy of materials in their live online and self-paced courses to ensure you’re well-prepared for the exam.

  • The integrated study planner is invaluable for pacing and covering all the available content
  • Robust, image-heavy content divided into 160 modules
  • In-module quizzes to help reinforce learning
  • On-demand content review videos with detailed explanations
  • Option to test out of materials
  • Comprehensive analytics with specific feedback to optimize your study time
  • Live office hours 6 days a week
  • Synchronous and asynchronous course options
  • All courses include access to 1,600 flashcards, 4,000 practice questions in the Qbank, and ten full-length practice exams
  • Flexible payment plans through Affirm
  • Includes physical course books with additional study materials


The interface is easy to use on your tablet or smartphone.Caters to various learning styles with live and self-paced course options.Guarantees a score increase or your money back.All courses include access to the entire catalog of Blueprint’s MCAT study materials.Blueprint students raise their scores by 15 points on average.Free 12-month access to the Official AAMC MCAT Prep Complete Bundle, which includes the Offical Prep Section Bank, MCAT Official Question packs, MCAT Online Flashcard Pack, CARS Diagnostic, and mock exams.Higher priced than competitors such as Princeton Review, Magoosh, and KaplanLive courses are 2 ½ hours long, which may be overwhelming for some med school hopeful

Blueprint MCAT Pricing & Course Options

Of all the major test prep companies, Blueprint offers the most flexibility for choosing a course format that fits into your life.

Their course offerings include both self-paced and instructor-led online environments and a personalized tutoring package if you need extra support from a tutor.

Regardless of which course or timeline you choose, all subscribers get access to

  • Personalized Study Planner
  • Advanced Analytics
  • QBank
  • 160 Learning Modules
  • AI-driven practice sets catered to your strengths and weaknesses
  • 1,600+ flashcards
  • 10 full-length exams
  • Anytime, anywhere access to course content
  • Office hours 6 days a week, which you can access the recordings of
  • Physical textbooks
  • Access to all AAMC online resources

It’s everything you need to ace the MCAT in one robust package.

Live Online Course

Would your learning benefit from guidance from industry professionals who aced the MCAT?

If so, the Live Online Course is perfect for you!

While it’s a bit more expensive than the self-paced courses, you’ll have 40+ hours with two on-camera instructors in a classroom setting. You can participate in discussions and ask questions about the material.

This subscription tier also allows you to retake classes as many times as you need to while your account is active.

6 Months of Access9 Months of Access12 Months of Access

Self-Paced Course

For independent students who don’t require the structure and accountability of the Live Online Blueprint Course, you may prefer the Self-Paced Online Course.

If you get stuck, take advantage of the office hours to ensure you’re ready for test day.

6 Months of Access9 Months of Access12 Months of Access

One-Month Summer Immersive

The One-Month Summer Immersive is the newest option in the Blueprint MCAT lineup.

Your daily schedule will be hectic, with virtual classes and small group instruction from 8:00 AM  to 3:00 PM Monday-Thursday. Instructors also host study halls from 5:30-7:00 each evening and full-length practice exams on Fridays.

While it will be challenging to cram everything you need to know into 30 days, each plan level includes tutoring hours and a private Discord channel for classmates to ensure you’re well-supported.

Immersion + 4 Tutoring HoursImmersion + 6 Tutoring HoursImmersion + 8 Tutoring Hours

Blueprint MCAT Prep Books

The Blueprint MCAT 2.0 Review Books are one of the most exciting features for students who like their studying to be a more hands-on experience.

The six-book collection includes everything you need to bolster your scientific and reasoning skills with titles that include:

  • Psychology/Sociology
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry & Organic Chemistry
  • Reasoning: CARS & Science.

These books are jam-packed with practical knowledge and strategies to prepare you for test day, from annotated sample passages to Must-Know pages at the end of each chapter.

The Chemistry & Organic Chemistry, Psychology/Sociology, Biology, and Biochemistry texts each grant you access to 18 passages, 180 topic-specific questions, a half-length diagnostic, and a full-length practice exam.

 The Physics book does the same, but with 15 passages and 150 questions.

Blueprint MCAT Practice Tests

Blueprint also offers MCAT Practice Exam Bundles, each including six months of access to a half-length diagnostic, the Study Planner tool, test analytics, and over 1,600 flashcards with progress tracking.

4 Practice Exams6 Practice Exams10 Practice Exams10 Practice Exams + QBank

The prep company employs a team of test writers with in-depth MCAT experience, so you can rest assured that you’re not wasting your time with practice exams that don’t represent what you’ll encounter on exam day.

Better yet, you can take each test up to five times over 6-months of access.

What does this mean for you?

In addition to giving you more exposure to the types of questions on the exam, Blueprint’s testing interface perfectly replicates the actual MCAT test right down to the font.

This setup lets you get familiar with the format and functionality in a low-stakes environment, which can be particularly helpful if you experience test anxiety.

Digital Platform & User Experience

The user interface on Blueprint is sleek and responsive.

Each component is thoughtfully woven with other site features, making it irresistibly convenient for students who want to log in and start studying immediately.

The user dashboard is particularly impressive, as it acts as a quick-access hub for everything you need at the click of a button. You’ll find upcoming tasks, office hours, scores, and a progress bar that keeps you accountable for your study plan.

One example of Blueprint’s innovative user experience is that modules automatically mark themselves as complete on your Study Planner.

Similarly, your analytics report effortlessly marries older scores with new ones, so you always have up-to-the-minute insight into your areas of growth and concern.

Finally, Blueprint’s website is responsive across all of your devices. As long as you have access to the internet, you can study on the go without sacrificing usability.

Live MCAT Classes

When you sign up for the Blueprint MCAT Review Live Online Course, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to learn from experts in the field, all of which scored 517 or higher on their exam.

All subscription tiers include 40 hours of live instruction, which are divided into 16 2 1/2-hour sessions. During your time in class, two MCAT instructors will help you and your fellow participants understand complicated concepts through engaging videos and open discussion.

One thing to keep in mind is that class days, times, and instructors change quarterly.

You can check out this year’s class schedule to help you determine the best time to take your MCAT based on which class times work best for your busy schedule.

You also can retake classes at no extra cost. 

Blueprint Private MCAT Tutoring

Blueprint Private MCAT Tutoring is a highly personalized add-on service. If you’re just starting your MCAT studying process or need significant support to raise your score, it might be the resource you need to get the score you’re hoping for.

You’ll work with your tutor to craft a customized study plan based on your schedule and diagnostic results. From there, they’ll handle scheduling once or twice weekly sessions, assigning work, and posting session notes in your easy-access dashboard.

Perhaps the most valuable resource they’ll provide is insider strategies for tackling the MCAT in ways that work best for your test-taking needs.

Blueprint’s Score Increase Guarantee

We couldn’t write a Blueprint MCAT review without discussing their Score Increase Guarantee

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.

“How could Blueprint possibly guarantee that my score will go up?”

They’re so confident in their modules, instructors, and resources that anyone willing to put genuine effort into their studies will MCAT score growth. 

Their Score Increase Guarantee puts their money where their mouth is, as it grants first-time Blueprint users who don’t increase their scores a free six-month access extension or a refund for the cost of the course.

If you’re enrolled in the MCAT Live Online (6 Month+ Plans, MCAT 1-Month Immersive Course, or MCAT Online Course 6-18 Month Plans, then you’re covered. 

However, the MCAT Online Course 3-Month Plan is not eligible.

6 Month+ Live Online or 6-18 Month Online Course Plan

Should you need to use the Score Increase Guarantee, keep in mind the conditions for filing for your extension or refund:

  • First-time users only
  • You’ve never received a free extension or refund
  • You must submit a prior score that meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • Official score from the last six months.
  • Blueprint’s half-length diagnostic you took within six months before signing up for a subscription.
  • Blueprint’s half-length diagnostic you took within two weeks of your first login.
  • You must complete the full course by attending all live lessons, completing all modules, taking at least 3/10 full-length practice tests, and completing two scored AAMC tests.
  • Complete 500 additional questions from Q bank.
  • Email an official MCAT score report taken within the last 30 days to within 90 days of finishing your coursework.

MCAT 1-Month Immersive Course

Because the Immersive Course is on a shortened timeline, there are a couple of differences. 

  • Email an official MCAT score report taken within the last 30 days to within 180 days of finishing your coursework.
  • Users can extend up to 6 months on their own before becoming ineligible for the guarantee.

Getting the Most Out of Your Blueprint MCAT Prep

You can maximize your time spent on the Blueprint MCAT Prep platform by following these strategies for success:

  1. Don’t skip modules unless you’ve tested out of them. Each one is an opportunity to learn and retain information. 
  2. Attend office hours as often as you can. There’s no point wasting time stressing over a single concept when an MCAT expert can help. 
  3. Watch the videos. Our brains naturally process visual information faster than text, particularly for those who live with dyslexia or other learning disorders. 
  4. Answer as many practice questions as you can. The more familiar you are with the MCAT test’s question design, the better you’ll perform when taking the real exam. 

3 Strategies for Creating a Study Plan and Staying Motivated

Now that you’re pumped about prepping for your MCAT, it’s time to create and follow your study plan. 

Create a Realistic Schedule

Creating a study plan seems simple enough, right?

In reality, you need to be very thoughtful when mapping out your schedule. Otherwise, you risk overloading yourself, leading to burnout.

Before you set a specific number of hours to study each day, try this little experiment: 

Hit start on a stopwatch and start studying any subject until you start to feel irritated or unfocused.  Record how long you could study before hitting that point, and you’ll have a rough estimate of how long your study blocks should be. 

Hold Yourself Accountable

Skipping a few days during your studies is an excellent way to refresh your brain, especially when you’ve had your nose to the grinding stone for weeks.

However, don’t let one day off turn into several days, as once you fall out of the habit, it might be challenging to pick it back up. 

Instead, keep yourself accountable for staying on schedule and hitting growth milestones by adopting a study buddy or limiting fun activities until your daily work is complete. 

Reward Your Growth

Finally, treat yourself to a nice reward for all your hard work. 

Whether it’s a pair of shoes you’ve been obsessing over or indulging in a lazy day, your diligence deserves recognition. 

Want even more strategies?

After reading our Blueprint MCAT review, check out our top 14 study tips to ace the MCAT.

Bottom Line:
MCAT prep is a big investment that helps you reach your career goals. It’s too valuable (and expensive) a resource to squander away.
The Blueprint MCAT prep course is a well-rounded, thoughtfully-designed learning management system. It gives you plenty of bang for your buck, particularly if you seek instructor support to complement your module-based learning. 


Let’s wrap up by answering any lingering questions you might have about the Blueprint MCAT review and Blueprint MCAT prep program.

Are there any discounts or specials available for using Blueprint MCAT Prep?

You can also access the Study Planner Tool, a half-length diagnostic, a full-length exam with analytics, and seven learning modules with a free trial.

How much does Blueprint MCAT cost?

Blueprint MCAT access costs depend on which plan and format you choose. The self-guided courses are less expensive, ranging between $1,899 and $2,849. 
The Live Courses are more expensive, priced at $2,499, $3,199, and $3,599 for 3-, 6-, and 9-month plans, respectively.

Does Blueprint MCAT offer live classes?

Blueprint MCAT does offer Live Classes. By signing up for a subscription to the Live Online Program, you can sit in on more than 40 hours of live, instructor-led sessions hosted by MCAT experts.
The Tutoring program is also live, but it’s a far more personalized, one-on-one experience than a digital classroom setting.

Is Blueprint or Kaplan better for the MCAT?

While Kaplan’s MCAT test prep boasts slightly lower prices, you can’t beat Blueprint’s user-friendly interface and student-focused resources. 
Their Study Planner tool, module-based learning, and impressive collection of on-demand videos give it the edge.

Is Blueprint MCAT harder than the AAMC?

Absolutely not.
Blueprint MCAT uses a data-driven strategy based on exam experts and student feedback to create practice tests. It comes the closest out of any prep program to representing the actual difficulty of your med school entrance test.


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